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Your Sole Kneads

An Ancient Art for Today's Stress

Your "sole" is the map to your health.

Welcome to Reflexology

Reflexology can trace its origins as far back as 2330 BC in Ancient Egypt. It has taken many forms through the centuries and has most recently been developed in the U.S. by the late Eunice Ingham beginning in the late 1930's with the formation of the International Institute of Reflexology and continued by the work of her nephew, Dwight Byers. It is this method that is used here along with several additional relaxation practices that are incorporated into a session.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands relative to each organ, gland, and all parts of the body. This is a unique method of using the thumbs and fingers on theses reflex areas.


Promoting Your Good Health

Our bodies are amazing biological marvels, always adjusting to life's physical and emotional demands. The human body is a meticulously balanced machine that is interdependent, everything working together for the benefit of all. Throughout the course of the day various bodily systems communicate and work together to create the necessary adjustments needed for proper functions. If we liken our nervous system to a collective "hose" and if we were to put a kink in that hose, we would have a compromised flow of energy. Stress and injury act as a "kink" on our regulatory systems, and health issues can arise due to improper blood flow and lymph drainage.

Why work the feet?

When the body is relieved from daily stresses, it is allowed to normalize or regain homeostasis. The body is in a better environment to heal and regulate itself when in a relaxed state and reflexology promotes the body's marvelous ability to adjust and balance itself by relieving stress. There are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot which have extensive interconnections through the spinal cord and brain with all areas of the body. The feet are the farthest from the heart, and blood and lymph fluid must flow uphill against gravity. Reflexology assists the body's movement of fluid and has been shown to improve circulation, and by doing so boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and tissues and speeds the elimination of waste products such as lactic acid and stress hormones. There are case studies of recovery time after surgery being hastened through reflexology.

It has also been observed that when the body releases high levels of endorphines, greater relaxation is achieved and a better sense of clarity and well being can be experienced.

Reflexology can be utilized as an adjunct to other health care modalities. It is holistic and non-invasive and addresses the entire body by promoting the integration of the whole body's system. Feet are easily accessible, and if there is an injury to some other part of the body, reflexology can address these areas from the inside out! It is a wonderful method of rejuvenation and renewal.

There are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot that receive stimulation with reflexology.



"A human being is part of the whole, called by us "the universe." Our task must be to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in it's beauty."
Albert Einstein


Please note that a reflexologist does not give medical advice in any way as to diagnose, treat or prescribe. Consult your primary physician about specific health concerns.

Your Sole Kneads
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